Where the Government is wrong

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At the beginning of the pandemic, it was unclear how serious it would be and who would be worst affected. Therefore, the scientific advice followed by the Government was, quite understandably, that we should keep away from one another as much as possible to avoid infection.


Now that the scientific community has had the time, and the experience, to consider matters further, a consensus of opinion is beginning to emerge that the current lockdown policies are doing more harm than good. My attention has been drawn to the Great Barrington Declaration (named after the place in the United States where it was signed) which has been endorsed by medical and public health experts in at least ten different jurisdictions, including England, Scotland, the United States, Germany, Sweden and Israel.

You can look it up at gbdeclaration.org for further details. The thrust of the declaration is that lockdown policies are damaging public health, insofar as medical conditions other than Covid are not being attended to; that the risk to young and healthy people from Covid is considerably less than many other harms, including influenza; and that current policies are damaging our long-term well-being, with the underprivileged being disproportionately affected.

The declaration suggests that measures should be taken to protect the most vulnerable – notably, people who are over retirement age and/or with existing medical conditions that could be worsened by Covid – and everybody else should be allowed to live normally.

Unfortunately, it seems this piece of scientific advice is not only being ignored by the Government but is being actively suppressed. I am told that Ofcom have prevented it from being discussed on the news media, and the press don’t seem to be mentioning it. Even the last issue of Private Eye did not pick it up.

Up till now, I have left politics out of my firm’s communications. Under the current circumstances I have decided to come off the political fence and declare, without equivocation, that the Government policy in my view is wrong.

It is also of no use to support the Opposition, that is to say the Labour Party. It pains me to say this as I was a Labour Party member for some years, however I have to be honest and state that, as far as I can see, their policies if they were in power would be even worse.

I recently joined the Free Speech Union in support of people of all beliefs and backgrounds, including those who I don’t like, who have been no-platformed, cancelled, and thrown to the wolves on Twitter. I hope that it will see fit to broaden its approach, not only to support free speech, but to support free movement as well, and campaign for live events – dance, musical, theatrical, artistic, educational and cultural – to be resumed for the sake of human well-being.

Humanity has been organising live events from time immemorial. I expect the first thing we did on coming down from the trees was to get up a dance in celebration thereof. Until such events resume properly, we will have no culture and very little to make life worth living.

– By Stephen Handley, FCCA

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